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Evaluating Top CRM Systems Depends On Your Needs

Ecommerce is growing faster than most people predicted. However, not only are the number products available for sale online growing, but the number of websites offering products or services is skyrocketing. As you probably already know, Ecommerce can be as simple as your website selling the only book you will ever write or as big as So, when it comes to finding the best ecommerce CRM software for online business, there is no one right answer for everyone; only one right answer for you.


Do You Even Need a CRM System?


Unless you are happy with your sales and have no desire to grow or make more money, then you should consider a CRM system. Think about it, we all use one system or another to manage our to do-list or calendar or whatever else we need help managing. So, why not a system that helps you manage your customer relationships? The top CRM systems can take you from selling out of your garage to selling out of a warehouse – if that is what you want. Nonetheless, knowing what you want is the first step in finding a CRM system for you.


Do You Sell Via Multiple Channels?


Many people don’t just sell on one online channel. As such, if you want to keep track of what your customers are buying or not buying to see if you can identify any trends that will make you more money, then you know the frustration of analyzing and compiling data from different sources. If this is you, are you aware that many CRM systems can do this work for you? Imagine the time you will save by only using one tool to analyze your business.


Do You Have a Team?


Again, depending on how big you are, you may not have any employees. Or, perhaps you only have a few employees, and all of you share an office. However, there are plenty of ecommerce companies that have employees located in multiple areas. Many CRM systems offer chatting and tagging, and some even feature integrated shipping software plugins that can be a godsend for coordination and logistics. These features will allow you to communicate, hand out assignments and monitor progress as if everyone worked under the same roof.


Is Your Business Model Simple or Complicated?


An online store that sells very limited services or products has less of a need for a CRM system than a company that offers dozens of purchase options. Similarly, a company with a very small niche customer base requires fewer bells and whistles on their CRM software. If your business model is very simple, the basic CRM systems are all you need. However, if you want to analyze your sales and market until you are the master of your universe, a CRM system with deep analytics is what you will want.


Again, if you are happy with your online store and don’t want or need more money, there is no need to start thinking about a CRM. However, if you are like the rest of us and ideas for growing your business keep you up at night – then looking for the right CRM system for you should be on the top of your list.

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